Your page is ready, you signed up for Stripe and now you need to make them work together

LandingPay securely handles all the logic between your sales page and your payment gateway. Starts at only $10/mo.

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Start selling in just 3 steps

Get a secure payments infrastructure that works out of the box without having to hire a developer to build one for you.

  • Sign up for LandingPay and connect to your Stripe account.
  • Add your products. Configure as many one-off charges or subscription plans as you need.
  • Start taking payments. Copy the LandingPay snippet into your page. It’ll connect to your Buy button and take care of all Stripe API requests for you.

Choose your plan

The perfect solution for...


Quickly test market appetite for your new idea, by asking prospective customers to make a deposit for the products you are creating.


Embed LandingPay into your website to let fans finance your upcoming work, or to sell your existing creations directly to them with no middlemen.


Use the tools you already know to quickly create microsites for special promotions or new campaigns. And then collect payments without having to wait for the I.T. department.

What you'll get from LandingPay

Faster go to market

No payment backend to build, nothing to maintain. Configure your products and embed our code into your landing page is all it takes to start selling in the next hour.

Cost savings

Stripe Checkout makes it easy to collect credit card details, but you’ll still need to charge them. LandingPay takes care of this process, at a fraction of the cost of a software developer.

Support for EU VAT MOSS

It’s never been easier to sell to other countries in Europe and comply with the VAT rules. Our buy button code lets you collect VAT details via Quaderno Checkout.

One-off charges and subscriptions

Run special promotions or create A/B tests with different price points. LandingPay supports both one-off charges as well as subscriptions.

Secure infrastructure

Your integrations are encrypted and stored securely. In addition, your payment service runs in an isolated, tamper-proof environment.

Fraud protection

Every charge is automatically double-checked to ensure the amount matches what you defined in the product configuration.

Transparent pricing

LandingPay doesn't take any additional commissions from your Stripe transactions. There are no hidden fees, you keep everything that you earn.

Pause and resume at will

Have you ever felt the need to pause a subscription, while you rethink your strategy? Well, LandingPay lets you do exactly that. You can pause your subscription and resume at a later time without any penalties.